Making a Philadelphia Eagles Christmas Tree (7 DIY Tips)

Philadelphia Eagles Christmas Tree

Last updated on January 5th, 2021 at 04:19 am

One of my favorite holiday traditions is setting up and decorating our Philadelphia Eagles Christmas tree! Bring all the good vibes for the rest of the season!

Each year we add new Philadelphia Eagles ornaments to our collection. Finally, though, we’re starting to run out of space for them on our Christmas tree.

The idea came to mind to set up a dedicated tree just for the Eagles ornaments or for all the teams—Phillies, Flyers, and 76ers, too. But, knowing my Philly Philly fanaticism, it’s definitely going to be an Eagles Christmas tree in our home!

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Christmas Ornament - Angel ornament with pompoms on a White Tree

Philadelphia Eagles Christmas Tree Must-Haves

In our home, pretty much anything Eagles goes. 

We made this awesome fiber-optic Philadelphia Eagles Christmas tree for my husband for his birthday one year. Each year we add more ornaments!

DIY Eagles Cheerleader Christmas Ornaments

Our daughters wanted to only put Eagles stuff on the tree.

Fair enough!

We bought a bunch of angel ornaments at Target that year, along with small Eagles stickers. We made our own Eagles Cheerleader ornaments!

You can too!

DIY Ornament Materials:

  • Angel Ornaments
  • Ornament Hooks
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Twist Ties
  • Small Philadelphia Eagles Stickers

Redhead Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Ornament - Eagles Christmas Tree

How to Make a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Christmas Ornament

  1. Start with an Angel ornament. Place a small Eagles sticker on the front of her dress.
  2. Make cheerleader pompoms using silver and green sparkle pipe cleaners. (You can use others if you can’t find the metallic pipe cleaners.)
  3. Attach the pompoms to the cheerleader ornament’s hands using white twist ties.
  4. Add a hook or use a built-in loop to hang the ornament on the tree! 
  5. Bonus Tip: You can even make an Angel / Cheerleader Philadelphia Eagles tree topper by using a pipe cleaner to attach one of these around the topmost tree branch.

We had so much fun making the cheerleader ornaments, we even made a Philadelphia Eagles unicorn ornament!

Blonde Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Ornament with Eagles Unicorn Christmas Ornament

DIY Eagles Christmas Tree

Looking for an Eagles Christmas tree that’s already assembled and ready to go turns up few if any results. The Bradford Exchange Eagles tree is beautiful but comes as part of a multi-part installment with a series of Eagles ornaments and other accessories.

Instead, consider creating your own DIY Philadelphia Eagles Christmas tree!

DIY Philadelphia Eagles Christmas Tree - White Fiber-Optic Tree with Eagles Ornaments

Here are some tips to help you make an Eagles Christmas tree.

1. First things first, choose a Christmas tree.

Consider your desired height for the tree—a three-foot tabletop Christmas tree or a full-sized tree could both work for your needs. You can find white trees, silver trees, turquoise ones, and traditional green Christmas trees. You can even find lovely multi-colored fiber-optic trees and those that spin on a turntable.

Philadelphia Eagles Christmas Tree

2. Brighten up your Eagles tree with lights.

You can find cool Christmas lights that are battery-powered and perfect for your fan-favorite Christmas tree. If battery-powered lights or pennants aren’t your thing, check out the vast selection of all-green mini lights and LED Christmas lights. Football String Lights by Kurt Adler also lend festive football flair to your holiday tree.

3. Stock up on Philadelphia Eagles Christmas ornaments.

You can find all kinds of ornaments for your Eagles Christmas tree, from shatterproof Christmas balls to Eagles Super Bowl ornaments, stars, Santa Eagles ornaments, and snowmen. You can also order plain Christmas balls that you can decorate yourself in your team colors, logo, player numbers, and more. I swear I bought the Super Bowl Eagles ornament below and hung it on our fireplace and that season they won on my birthday – incredible!

4. Instead of garland, use a Philly Eagles infinity scarf.

This accessory works great to dress up your tree with a little added dimension. Depending on the color of your Philadelphia Eagles tree, you can find black Eagles infinity scarves or green ones.

5. Or, you can use various thicker lengths of ribbon.

Drape green, black, silver, white, or even pink Eagles ribbon across several boughs for a touch of class. White and brown football ribbon would also look amazing!

6. Make or buy an Eagles tree skirt.

A Christmas tree skirt completes the look for your Philadelphia Eagles Christmas tree. You can also use a Philadelphia Eagles scarf and wrap it around the base of a tabletop Eagles Christmas tree for a warm and cozy look.

7. Top your tree with a Philadelphia Eagles tree topper.

The finishing touches complete the look. You can affix a beautiful Eagles Star topper to your tree or even add a Philadelphia Eagles Santa hat (of course that might look better on your head!). Alternatively, buy an angel Christmas tree topper and paint or decorate her dress and hair in tribute to the Eagles.

Green and Silver Eagles Christmas Tree

Our home has no shortage of holiday ornaments featuring the Philadelphia sports teams. We have Philadephia Eagles Super Bowl ornaments and plastic Eagles candy canes decked out in black, silver, and green. We have Philadelphia Flyers snowman puck ornaments and stained-glass Flyers logos and a plethora of Philadelphia Phillies characters and baseball ornaments. 

It was only natural to create an awesome Eagles Christmas tree!

Now that you have your Philadelphia Eagles Christmas tree, it’s time to start shopping for gifts and creating your own list for Santa! What’s on your Philadelphia Eagles wish list this year?


Dear Santa Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Ornament on White Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

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