Healthy Tailgating Food to Make Ahead & Easily Reheat (or Enjoy Cold

Healthy Tailgating Food Veggie Tray with Sour Cream Dip

Football tailgates aren’t traditionally pillars of health. Of course, all those cheesesteaks and burgers can take a break once in a while. Let’s give a little room for healthy tailgating food that’s still incredibly delicious!

Put creative spins on all your favorite tailgate food ideas for a healthier approach. (Your stomach will thank you!)

How do you eat healthy at a tailgate?

Eating healthy at a tailgate isn’t easy! First, you’ll have so much food around you and second is the beer! Try to balance what you eat and drink while tailgating for your own health and comfort. Go for whole foods when possible and try lighter beers or seltzers. Try a little bit of everything rather than huge portions.

You can also graze throughout the event rather than plowing through all the courses all at once.

What are some healthy tailgate foods?

Salads, fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats, and non-processed foods are all healthy choices at a tailgate. Consider limiting heavy carbs, too, or going roll-free. You can enjoy most things in moderation while balancing with healthy whole foods.

Planning a Healthy Tailgate Menu

With a little advanced planning, you can come up with a healthy tailgating menu ahead of the big game!

  1. Food Safety – Consider the food preferences, allergies, and aversions of those in your party. Avoid any major allergens and try to create a menu boasting a variety of flavors and textures.
  2. Ease of Prep – Lean on cold tailgating food for easy, no-heat options or use your tailgating grill to reheat anything you make and bring from home.
  3. Get Organized – Remember to bring utensils if needed for salads and such. Also plan for a way to transport leftovers home, such as zip-seal bags or containers.

Also, invite your friends to join the healthy tailgate potluck style!

Healthy Tailgating Food

Football parties usually involve lots of beer and hearty, flavorful, filling food. But, healthy tailgating food isn't off the table! Consider these delicious and healthy tailgate food ideas.

Healthy Tailgate Snacks

Besides the healthy tailgating food entrees and appetizers, you can also nail down a few low cal snacks. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Veggie Tray
  • Charcuterie Board / Cheese & Meat Platter
  • Fresh Fruit Tray
  • Beef Jerky or Homemade Venison Jerky
  • Fresh Mozzarella and Homegrown Tomatoes with Basil and Balsamic

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Tailgating the Healthy Way

Offering a few healthy tailgate appetizers or entrees here and there may help your football season figure. It’s an easy enough menu swap to rotate burgers, cheesesteaks, and big, hearty entrees every so often to include lighter fare.

By the way, if you are still craving a hearty, filling starter after reading this post, we totally get it. You might also enjoy our egg, bacon, sausage, and ham Triple Crown Breakfast Stromboli!

What are your favorite ingredients to incorporate into healthy tailgating food?

Let’s chat about it in the comments below!

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