Choosing a Great Tailgate Table

Philadelphia Eagles Tailgate Table with Beer and Fireball and Cups

Besides a cooler of beer and food, the tailgate table likely holds the honored spot as next most important piece of your tailgating setup. Tailgating tables answer so many needs at a pregame party!

First, there’s a sturdy surface for your flattop grill or other tailgate cooking appliances.

Next, folding tables allow you ample space to lay out an impressive crowd-pleasing menu.  

Finally, when all’s said and done, let’s be honest, we’re not just here for the food and beer.

The tailgate table provides the ultimate service as a beer pong table, flip-cup battlefield, and surface for any other tailgating games.

Tailgate Table Options

Choosing a folding table for tailgating comes down to identifying your intended uses.

Will you use your table mainly for food?

Do you simply need a tailgating beer pong table?

Are you hoping for a tailgate table that does it all?

Do you care how much the table weighs?

All of these factors can help you select the perfect table for tailgating.

Folding Tailgate Table with Veggie Tray and Football Tray of Cookies
Lots of food on a tailgate table!

6-Foot Tailgate Table (Folding)

We have a sturdy and durable six-foot tailgating table that I originally bought for a Chamber of Commerce event for my marketing business.

Let me tell you, this folding table is now living its best life at tailgates! (Way better than the small business showcase.)

This is the exact folding tailgating table that we own. You can get it in white, grey, or black.

Benefits of 6-foot Tailgating Table

This tailgate table is what we have and I think it’s the best choice for most SUV tailgaters.

Here’s why:

  • Folding – Folds nicely to fit in the trunk or cabin
  • Full Size – Creates ample space to mark off our group’s area in the parking lot
  • Versatility – Useful for cooking, food, and games like pong
  • Easy to Clean – Wipes clean quickly and easily

This folding tailgate table fits nicely in the back of my Toyota Highlander on game day. It goes with us for tailgates with a few people or a large crowd and always delivers!

Brothers and sister at Eagles Tailgate
My brothers hanging out with me at our Eagles Tailgate

8-Foot Tailgating Table (Folding)

An 8-foot table will be a great challenge to get in cars and smaller SUVs.

If you have more cargo space, like a truck bed, the eight-foot tailgating table could be even better!

These tables are versatile for use at home and elsewhere. The long length works great for separating your tailgate from your parking lot neighbors.

Same as the 6-foot collapsible table, an 8-footer will hold tons of food with ease.

You can play epic games of survivor flip-cup and still have space for snacks at the end.

All of the benefits of the 6-footer still apply, with the exception of the space required in the car, and being a bit heavier to lift and set up or tear down.

Crockpot on Tailgating Table with cups and snacks
Tailgating table absolutely brimming with snacks and drinks

4ft Folding Table for Tailgating

Four-foot tables for tailgating are just worthless. Unless you’re just beginning or going to a one-off tailgate, steer away from these sorry excuses for a tailgating table.

You can’t play games like pong or flip-cup.

You won’t have enough room for food.

It won’t block off a space sufficiently.

Heck, it might not even fit in your trunk very well.

Just avoid at all costs.

Unless it’s free, and you have a pickup, then maybe.

Philadelphia Eagles metal folding tailgate beer pong table
Philadelphia Eagles metal folding tailgate beer pong table

Metal NFL Themed Beer Pong Tailgating Table

For Christmas one year, I got my husband the Philadelphia Eagles metal folding beer pong table. It’s a pretty sturdy table and it works well for a variety of uses.

I don’t recommend this Eagles themed table for putting a grill or other super heavy appliance on top, but it is perfect for games like beer pong and flip-cup!

This Philadelphia Eagles table also works well for your tailgating food spread. Miles of space for football cookies, burgers, chips, Doritos, and so much more!

The Eagles table is so fun and festive, and we love having it for our tailgates.

However, that being said, I still think the boring 6-foot tailgating table is a bit more useful due to the surface area it provides.

NFL-Themed Folding Camp Style Tailgating Tables

Who can resist a collapsible tailgate table sporting your home team’s colors and logo?!

I sure couldn’t. We have two.

These foldup tailgating tables collapse just like a camp chair and fit into their own handy carrying bags.

We find them especially useful for their cupholder value above all else. Also, not bad for creating a small snack station or area put stuff down on randomly.

These folding camp-style tailgating tables are NOT the be-all, end-all, but they are a useful element of our tailgating gear.

While these collapsible NFL tables are not the essential tailgate table, you can always find a use for them at your pregame party!

Two sisters decorating cookies on Philadelphia Eagles Tailgating Tables
Two sisters decorating cookies on Philadelphia Eagles Tailgating Tables

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Types of NFL Collapsible Tables

Depending on inventory, you can find different styles of lightweight tailgating tables that collapse like camp chairs.

Round tables with cupholders are one option.

Rectangular tables with cupholders are another style to consider.

You can find Philadelphia Eagles collapsing tables for your tailgating fun.

And of course, if you root for the enemy, you can find NFL football tables for your team, too.

Metal and Plastic Folding Tailgate Table, 6 foot
Metal and Plastic Folding Tailgate Table, 6 foot

Finding the Right Tailgate Table

Keep in mind that all tailgate tables won’t be created equal. Some are made of metal while others have plastic components.

Consider the dimensions to make sure the table meets your needs. Also keep the weight in mind!

Do you have a favorite tailgating table or any questions about choosing one? Hit us up in the comments – we are always happy to help!

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