What to Bring to a Morning Tailgate – All You Need

Eagles logo air freshener in car with the sunrise

Last updated on June 24th, 2023 at 03:51 am

Tailgate mornings can and should start bright and early with the sun. We’ve driven down route 422 with the sunrise on our way to the Linc. So while it’s old hat for us, you might be wondering what to bring to a morning tailgate.

I can help with that!

Tailgate grill full of breakfast food- pork roll, eggs, bacon
Love that pork roll on a tailgate morning!

To put it in perspective, think about your most essential tailgating needs.

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Comfort (Warmth, if it’s winter)
  • Entertainment
  • Energy for the day
  • Usual tailgating supplies

Now, I’ll take you through each topic so you can feel fully prepared for an early tailgate! 🙂

Morning Tailgate Food

Probably tied for first most important thing to bring to a morning tailgate – food!

Consider some tailgate breakfast ideas like our favorite breakfast sandwiches to fuel your football day.

You might also enjoy my Make-Ahead Breakfast Stromboli – it is packed with fried eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, and cheese in a homemade Italian dough!

In the past, I’ve also made meat lovers’ hashbrowns, which are really delicious mixed with the same meats and lots of cheesy cheddar.

Foil pan of meat lover's hash brown potatoes on an Eagles table
Foil pan of meat lover’s hash brown potatoes on an Eagles table

Cinnamon buns, scones, and other pastry treats also go so well with morning tailgating!

Morning Tailgate Drinks for Early Starters

The early start doesn’t have to change your drinking plans! Bring your favorite beer, wine, sangria, whatever you like.

And, for the special occasion tailgating in the morning, you can always switch it up a bit with some morning flavors.

Bring along some coffee stouts or other coffee flavored beers. The familiar morning flavors will be a delightful start to your football day.

Also, unique IPAs also make great starters for morning tailgating. Look for flavors that complement the early rise, like maple, pineapple, orange, and other hints of deliciousness.

Personally, I loved the Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Milkshake IPA by Tired Hands Brewing Company – this broadened my tastes far beyond Miller Lite and Stella.

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Milkshake IPA by Tired Hands Brewing Company
Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Milkshake IPA by Tired Hands Brewing Company

I am forever not the same. 🙂

Finally, don’t forget the Fireball! Fireball cinnamon whisky warms you up on those brisk mornings in the parking lot.

Be sure to bring a variety of IPAs and other craft beers to add variety for your guests’ diverse palates.

Plus, it’s also just fun to find the “Slap the Bag” guy walking around giving people shots of Fireball. (Yes, that is my husband, lol.)

Fireball Slap The Bag Guy at Eagles Tailgates
Fireball Slap The Bag Guy at Eagles Tailgates

Oh and don’t forget the real, actual coffee. If you need to jump start your party mood, get your caffeine squared away on the drive down to the stadium.

Or bring a box of coffee to make sure your compadres can last the duration of the tailgate in full partying form!

Warmth and Comfort Tailgating Supplies

In most cases, the morning tailgates start out a bit colder than the later ones. Plan on wearing layers so you can adapt as needed.

Bring a hat, gloves, and scarf if you like. Wear warm socks and boots if needed. Handwarmers are also totally clutch in the cold weather tailgates!

And if it’s bitter cold, check out my suggestions for winter tailgate outfits!

Beyond that, you can bring camp chairs, blankets, or whatever else you think might make your experience more comfortable.

Little girl in Eagles dress in tailgating chair
Our oldest chilling out at a preseason Eagles tailgate

Entertainment for Early Tailgating

Start your morning off right with a tailgating playlist and a Bluetooth party speaker. Rock out to your favorite football anthems and get in the winning mood.

Tailgating games always make the party more memorable. Bring washers for a classic parking lot game that never goes out of style.

Your team themed cornhole boards (Baggo) give tailgating guests another option for fun.

Bring lots of red cups (Solo cups) for beer pong or flip cup. We always liked to play Survivor Flip Cup at the end right before we cleaned up to head into the Linc.

You can also bring giant dice or regular dice for fun, interactive rule-making games like 3 Man (three man). (Ask Jeff about taking off his shoes.)

Eagles plate with green dice and a Yeti  with a beer
Playing 3 Man with green dice at a tailgate

These are just a few suggestions for tailgating entertainment for your group. Feel free to share your own ideas in our comments so we can all change it up sometimes!

Hydration and Energy for the Drive Home

This should go without saying, but as always, please drink responsibly and make sure you have a sober ride home.

Also be sure you have some bottled water and Gatorades to hydrate and recover. (And pass them to your friends early on when they start partying a little too hard.)

Gatorade in shopping basket at Target
Buy some Gatorade for your tailgate!

Depending on your own health situation, you may need to abstain from too much caffeine so definitely listen to your doctor there.

However, if you’re already cleared for energy drinks or more coffee that late, it could help you stay energetic for the ride home. I would recommend a cooler with iced coffee at this point!

Your Usual Tailgating Gear and Supplies

Beyond the above personal needs, you should also bring traditional tailgating setup gear and supplies.

This will include your tailgating tables, grill or flat-top (Blackstone), propane, party ware, cleanup supplies, and so forth.

Check my tailgating supplies checklist for a helpful guide on all of that.

Tailgating flag, Fireball and propane on a tailgate table in the parking lot at the Linc
Bring all your usual supplies to an early tailgate!

One More Thing!

If your morning tailgate extends to a late kickoff, you may also want to bring a charging brick and your charging cable.

It’s no fun when your phone dies and shuts down before the game even starts!

I love being able to recharge my phone without running the car even if we don’t have a generator.

Things to Bring to a Morning Tailgate – Conclusion

If you’re in a rush and just need to quickly scan and pack up all that you need, here it is in list form:

  • Tailgating Food – Breakfast / Lunch (Dinner for the rare 3-meal tailgate)
  • Drinks – Waters, Gatorade, Coffee, Beer / Wine, etc.
  • Games & Music – Tailgating speaker and a phone with access to a playlist, washers, cornhole / Baggo, Solo cups, ping pong balls, dice, etc.
  • Clothing & Comfort – Warm layers if applicable, hat, gloves, scarf, blanket, chairs, handwarmers, heater
  • Ride Home Survival – Cold brew coffee / iced coffee, energy drink, water, Gatorade, and a snack
Waffling Beer by Grimm and Kane in a parking lot at the Linc
Waffling Beer by Grimm and Kane in a parking lot at the Linc

Beyond this, round up the troops and get the party started! Invite old friends and new ones to join you – the more the merrier!

Can you think of anything else you’re planning to bring with you? Shout out in the comments below to help others plan the best morning tailgate possible!

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