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Hockey Eye Black Designs

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Getting dolled up for Eagles game day and tailgating is half the fun! Sporting football eye black designs under your eyes brings a festive touch to your look.

Football eyes with the smudgy black lines deliver an on-trend appearance in the parking lot or stadium.

Add this fun vibe to your look for opening day, Super Bowl or any game day.

By the way – eye black also works great for kids who play sports like dek hockey, football, soccer, baseball, and more!

What is football eye black made of?

Football players often wear eye black – black lines under eyes on game day. Often, eye black is made from components like paraffin wax, charcoal powder, and beeswax, among other ingredients.

Most football eye black stickers are made of stretchy adhesive fabric similar to medical tape.

Why do football players paint black lines on their face?

Besides looking cool, the black stripes under footballers’ eyes actually do have a purpose. Eye black aims to absorb the sun’s harsh light so football players and other athletes can see better without so much glare.

Apparently, the MythBusters tested eye black and found that it improves a player’s ability to differentiate between light and dark better, rather than totally removing the sun glare.

Does this really help?! We may never know.

Either way, it’s a great look that we love and hope it keeps going strong!

How to Get Football Eye Black Designs

Football eye black offers such a fun look for all the girls going tailgating. (Do guys wear it too? I’m all for it – such a festive football look!)

My daughter even wears eye black designs for dek hockey in the summer season. It works great for her!

(Or at least she loves the badass look!)

Best Eye Black Designs

Anyway, here are some of our favorite ideas for the best eye black designs.

1. Home Team Theme NFL Eye Black Stickers

The Philadelphia Eagles eye black stickers are a popular choice to kick your look up a notch. These couldn’t be easier with a peel-and-stick design. So cute, so fun – gotta try it!

As far as the pre-made Philadelphia Eagles football eyes, you can rock either Eagles logo eye black or simply the word EAGLES across the black patches.

College football fans should definitely get in on this fun game-day accessory, too! It’s the perfect vibe for your weekend.

(Annnnnnd, if you’re a fan from an NFL opponent of the Eagles, you can find football eye black designs for your boys too. I’m obviously a die-hard Philly girl but rather than tell ya to get lost, I’ll help a girl out. 🙂 It’s all good in the world of football, friends, and tailgating.)

You can find the Eagles eye black quickly and easily online at Amazon. You might be able to find it locally at your favorite sports fan store or even at Party City in their football and sports section.

Most of the time I’ve found these sell out locally. Still, you can look online, call before you go, or just make it easy on yourself and order with Free Prime Shipping ahead of time.

2. Basic Eye Black Stickers

Effortless and clean, eye black stickers work great for keeping the sun out of your eyes at the game. They are also perfect for kids playing sports in the bright sun.

Interestingly, you can even find eye black stickers in colors that aren’t black, like pink, orange, and American flag or football design.

Simply peel and stick the eye black stickers on your cheeks and you’re ready to take on the world!

3. Football Player Eye Black Stick

Of course, eye black stickers aren’t your only option. You can just smear on real eye black, too. (It’s way cheaper, but maybe just not quite as cute…)

Simply smudge on a black streak under each eye to create the same kind of look.

Black lines under eyes are way easier to achieve than you might think. The sticks are super portable, too!

4. Plus Sign Eye Black Designs

Our daughter’s hockey coach applied eye black stick on the kids’ cheeks before a really bright and sunny summer tournament outdoors. Instead of black stripes, his eye black design looked like cool plus signs or crosses.

Our girls looked BAD ASS. We’d definitely do this eye black style again.

5. Discover How to Make Your Own Eye Black

If time is of the essence and you can’t order online or run out to the store, you can always try to wing it with something you have on hand.

Yes, warrior paint for your eyes is something you can make at home.

A smudge of charcoal beauty mask ought to do the trick!

Other black makeup could work too – just be gentle on your skin.

Or go old school high school style, skip the black under your eyes and write on your favorite player’s number with eyeliner!

6. Fun Custom Eye Black Designs

For a really fun twist, order customizable eye black that comes with a white pencil.

Use the white pencil to draw or write on the eye black directly.

  • Football fan quotes or messages
  • Team cheers
  • Boos to the opponent
  • Your favorite player’s number!

Make your football eyes stand out even more with mascara, eyeliner, or eye shadow in your team colors.

Create the best eye black designs as an add-on to your favorite game-day makeup looks. Have fun, look great, and enjoy the game! 🙂

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How Was Eye Black Created in the Past?

Did you know old timers used things like burnt cork or even shoe polish to create their football eyes before commercial eye black became a thing?

Thankfully, today even the fans have the best options for fun football eyes using real and stick-on eye black.

We hope you liked this article on fun tailgating looks.

We’d love to hear from you in the comments about your game day look, and if you liked our blog, please share the love!

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