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Well, if 2017-2018 wasn’t an exciting football season, I don’t know what is! A serious Super Bowl tailgate party is in order.

The Eagles took the first few months of the season by storm under the lead of stud QB Carson Wentz. They were on fire and no one could stop them. Even when Wentz went down with his torn ACL, the team pulled it together. They still managed to win games by the skin of their teeth with backup Nick Foles at the helm.

Amazingly, at the NFC Championship game, the team did way more than scrape to get by… they literally dominated the Vikings and sent them home to watch the Big Game in their own state from the comforts of their couches.

We’ve all attended the parents’ house basement Super Bowl party or the friend-of-a-friend’s house football party.

Many of us have even hosted Super Bowl parties to watch teams we don’t give two hoots about.

But this year is different for Philadelphia. We’ve worked hard all year, the team has crushed it, and we’ve all done our part in cheering and tailgating our hearts out.

Super Bowl Tailgate Party, Philadelphia Eagles Style

So it’s only right that we commemorate the Philadelphia Eagles’ third appearance with a truly epic Super Bowl tailgate party.

If you live in a climate that lets you be outdoors this time of year, you’re ahead of the game. Most of the Philly Phaithful are used to a little chill here and there, though, so it’s bound to be a great day no matter what the weather has in mind.

I’ve already seen it change from a serious chance of snow to partly cloudy and a bit warmer in just a day’s time. It will be interesting to see how the day will shape up. Either way, here are some fun tips for a memorable Super Bowl tailgate party.

Super Bowl Tailgate Party Setup

If you can swing an outdoor tailgate party setup for the Super Bowl, you’ll be sure to remember it for the rest of your life. Have your neighbors pull their cars out into the driveway and open up their tailgates. Wheel your grills around from the deck and get cooking. Roll a keg over or carry out coolers of favorite beers and beverages. Your outdoor Super Bowl party has almost all it needs to be a shining success! Of course, you’ll have to secure a television with a reliable connection to the broadcast so everyone in your tailgate crew can enjoy the game as well as the commercials. Here are a few more tips to get your party going.

Super Bowl Tailgate Layout

  • Arrange “groves” of camp chairs and lawn chairs so friends can relax together before, during, and after the game.
  • Make sure you have containers for recycling as well as for trash. Save the Earth and all that!
  • Light up tiki torches or set out solar lights to add a little ambience to your Super Bowl tailgate party.
  • Set up a few long tables with crock pots, electric skillets, and other food warmers. Run an extension cord with a power strip to the nearest outlet.
  • Hook up outdoor speakers to amplify the sounds of the game for your neighborhood to enjoy. You can also play fun football and party songs before kickoff.
  • Plan to have a canopy tent on hand in the event of inclement weather. You can also attach sidewalls to provide a little wind protection!
  • Consider hooking up a propane-powered forced air heater to deliver a little warmth for your Super Bowl tailgate party guests.

Food for a Super Bowl Tailgate Party

What’s a Super Bowl party without amazing food?! Make it a Super Bowl block party by inviting all your neighbors and calling it a potluck. You can cover the gamut of great football fare more easily when you’ve got guest participation across the board. Here are a few ideas.

Super Bowl Appetizers & Snacks

  • You can’t go wrong with chips and dips at a Super Bowl party! Mix up your favorite buffalo chicken dip, crab dip, salsa, or other tailgate staple. You can also get a little crazy or a little creative in support of your home team. For Philly, I’m dreaming of a cheesesteak dip enjoyed atop pieces of soft pretzel.
  • Take your classic chips, pretzels, and other tailgate snacks to new heights. Pick up a football stadium snack holder or make your own for a bit of game time wow factor.
  • Whip up a fast batch of “Pigskin Blankets” by wrapping little cocktail weenies in Pillsbury croissant dough. As you finish wrapping each one, place it on a greased cookie sheet, arranging one to the next in the shape of a football.
  • Round things out with a fruit tray, veggie tray with dip, and a soft pretzel tray. You might also want to add in cheese, meats, and crackers.

Pigskin Blankets

Football Party Finger Food

  • Make most of your entrees available in appetizer servings so your guests can enjoy one of everything! Think sliders of all kinds—meatball sliders, pulled pork sliders, cold cuts on pretzel rolls—and then fried popcorn chicken instead of full tenders or cutlets, and double-cut pizza or thinly sliced Stromboli or hoagies.
  • When it comes to Super Bowl party food, think wings! Get takeout menus from your favorite local eateries and find out if anyone’s running any specials for the Big Game. Order a bunch of wings with a side of celery and your preferred dressing. Ask for delivery and make things really easy on yourself!
  • If you’re short on time, check your local big box store like Costco for fun football party finger foods you can heat up in no time. Look for taquitos and mini tacos, mini crab cakes, mozzarella sticks, and of course, your comprehensive hors d’oeuvres platters.

Super Bowl Tailgate Party Main Courses

  • All of the above Super Bowl snacks and apps would likely carry your party to the end zone in no time… but… if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably be excited to make a few mainstream entrees as well. Especially if you’re planning on hanging outside! If so, get ready to grill your heart out. Grab burgers, hotdogs or sausages, and anything else your heart desires.
  • Bring out a flat-top electric skillet and make some cheesesteaks in honor of the birds!
  • Make up lasagna pan-sized entees that will feed a fairly large crowd. Consider homemade macaroni and cheese, baked ziti, meat lover’s lasagna, and more.
  • Add in full sized rolls and throw together a crock pot of Italian meatballs, ham simmered in brown sugar and pineapple, roasted turkey in gravy, or savory roast beef.

Super Bowl Desserts

  • Lest we not forget the best part! Hone in on your sweet tooth to come up with incredible Super Bowl party dessert ideas. You can’t lose with a tray of homemade football-shaped cookies and team-themed cutouts.
  • Bake up a batch of brownies and decorate them with white icing to resemble the football field. Add in colored jimmies or sprinkles in your team colors for added flair.
  • Dips aren’t just for appetizers! Make a dessert dip! At our last tailgate, the one guy’s wife sent him with an incredible cannoli dip – I really need to get the recipe for that!!

Football Shaped Cookies

Other Fun Ideas for Your Football Party

While many guests will be glued to the tube, you may find a few, particularly the children, who may lose interest at some point during the party. It can be a really fun idea to throw together some activities that unite both the diehard fans as well as those who just came to be social. Here are a few ideas.

Super Bowl Tailgate Games & More

  • Bring out a few eight-foot tables to set up fun tailgate games. Beer pong, flip cup, and others even involving cards or dice, depending on the weather.
  • Set up yard games like washers, can jam, and a classic football toss.
  • Have guests fill out their Super Bowl predictions for a chance to win a case of beer, a bottle of booze, or a sweet piece of team gear.
  • Set up areas inside your house where the kids can play safely, whether with toys, board games, or video games.
  • Reserve a photo booth rental or set up your own “photo booth” with a fun football-themed background and props to add to the excitement. Bonus if you decide to hook up a little Bluetooth printer so your guests can take home evidence of the great time they had!
  • Consider pooling together with all of the parents to hire a babysitter or two so everyone can enjoy the game without worry as to who’s getting into what.

What other ideas do you have for a truly memorable Super Bowl tailgate party? Please share your favorite tip in the comments below!

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